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These specific warranties are intended to be strictly in addition to and not in substitution for or derogation of any other warranties or guarantees required or implied by statute or other law within Australia. To the extent they may express or imply any departure from such guarantees or warranties those warranties and guarantees shall apply to their full effect and the express or implied departures shall not apply.
Priority Plumbing provides the following service warranty/guarantees:

Sewer blockages

All sewer clearances cleared with a full-size cutter with the removal of tree roots only attract a six month warranty on workmanship unless there further blockages during the six months occur due to external factors or actions such as a broken pipe, fats or if objects are found to be the cause of the blockage e.g. sanitary products, nappies or other unknown products).


General plumbing less than $750

All general plumbing up to $750 in value attracts a three month warranty on workmanship. Product warranties apply as per information provided by the manufacturer/supplier.


General plumbing greater than $750

All general plumbing greater than $750 in value attracts a six year warranty on workmanship as per the Victorian Building Association Standard AS/NZS 3500. If the value of work is greater than $ 750, you will be issued with a certificate of compliance that details the works undertaken.